Sue Mucenieks

Global Consumer Knowledge Management Lead

Sue is a Senior Knowledge Manager with over 20 years’ experience in a variety of business environments across professional and financial services, global corporate and the public sector. In her current role at EY she supports the Consumer Products and Retail sector and leads a team of knowledge managers to drive a strong and participatory knowledge culture, including awareness and use of tools for searching and sharing knowledge. Her previous roles have included leading the Collaboration programme at Deloitte UK where she was responsible for driving tools such as SharePoint, Yammer and communities of practice, and has provided knowledge support to a number of industries including Energy & Utilities, Telco, and Life Science and Healthcare.

Sue is passionate about all aspects of collaborative working including enterprise social networking, knowledge management, communities of practice, social network analysis, online communications, learning, change management, culture and engagement and use of tools such as SharePoint and Yammer.