Nancy Kinder

Knowledge and Community Coach
Connect & Share Consulting

Nancy Kinder has been a collaboration coach for more than 20 years, including 11 years as Global Knowledge Manager for Cadbury/Kraft/Mondelez.  She helps groups, teams, networks and communities to communicate, collaborate and innovate together. These connections enable knowledge to flow, grow and unlocks value for all those involved.  The value comes from either the reduction of duplication, stronger and better generated ideas and the solutions are adopted faster, across diverse and dispersed groups. 

Nancy has now operated independently for 7 years as a community and knowledge management consultant. She has delivered development programmes and coached leaders all over the world, from Alaska to Shanghai including; HRMC, European Central Bank, World Bank, VCA, Eakin, RWE, CGG, AXELOS and Vorwerk International.

She also set up and chairs the knowledge and community network, she hosts the monthly CMX London Connect Chapter, she is a facilitator for Warwick Business School’s knowledge and innovation network and supports Henley Knowledge Forum.