Meri Duryan

Enterprise Management; Knowledge & Change Management

Dr Meri Duryan is a Lecturer in Enterprise Management at the Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, University College London (UCL). She conducts lectures at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels on business enterprise management and organisational behaviour and leads MSc modules on Knowledge Management in Project Environments and Change Management in Organisations.

Systems thinking, value co-creation, service design, occupational health, safety and well-being (OHSW), knowledge and change management are Meri’s areas of research focus. She is currently researching OHSW in project-based firms from the perspectives of organisational behaviour and organisational learning, development and change. In addition to her academic and publishing background, she is an APM certified change management practitioner with over 18 years of expertise, delivering visionary change management and knowledge management strategies and solutions across high tech, education, healthcare, transportation and construction industries. Dr Duryan has experience in design and delivery of bespoke executive courses on systems thinking approaches to managing organisational change and knowledge for private- and public-sector organisations.