Corporate/Charity and Public Sector

Corporate/Charity and Public Sector

DAY 1 - Tuesday 4 June 2019

09:00 Registration and refreshments


09:30 Chair’s introduction
James Brown, The Happy Work Place

09:45 Achieving global standards of excellence in KM

  • Development of the new global standard: a three-year international process
  • Objectives and benefits: legitimacy, benchmarking, bidding
  • The standard’s intentions and scope – and what it won’t cover

Nick Milton, Knowledge management consultant, Knoco Ltd, and contributing author to ARK’s ‘A Guide to Global Best Practice and Standards in KM’

10:30 Managing knowledge in the age of digitalisation

  • Usefully presenting big data, combining and condensing
  • How this is driving KM: tools, productivity, innovation
  • Outlook; trends; what’s happening in the US?; what should Europe be looking for?

Marlene Gebauer, Global Director of Strategic Legal Insights, Greenberg Traurig

11:15 Morning networking break


11:45 Chair’s introduction
James Brown
, Founder, The Happy Work Place

12:00 Defining roles and structure with KM governance

  • Establishing a knowledge management framework and processes
  • Getting buy-in and support
  • Stakeholder management
  • Using video to deliver KM value

Alison Gamble, Chief Knowledge Officer, Integration Consulting

12:40 Networking lunch


13:40 CASE STUDY: Implementing KM innovation

  • Knowledge based technology
  • Exploiting KM in small and medium enterprises
  • Using meta data and tagging
  • Mapping the website journey

Paul Burns, Knowledge Manager, Standard Life

14:05 CASE STUDY: Extracting the value of KM at Arup

  • Collaboration in the context of leveraging value
  • Developing capability through skills networks
  • Achieving quality through diversity
  • Cultivating a culture of enquiry
  • Delivering on the organisation’s strategic goals

Dr Dominique Poole-Avery, Global Knowledge Manager, Arup and contributing author to ARK’s ‘A Guide to Global Best Practice and Standards in KM’

14:30 CASE STUDY: KM communities of practice in the public sector

  • Redefining and updating communities of practice
  • Combining human talent and technology
  • Exploiting collaboration

Michael Norton, Digital Community and Knowledge Manager, Knowledge Hub (KHub)

14:55 Extended questions and answers session

  • Your opportunity to put your questions to our case study speakers on KM strategy


Alicia Morton, Assistant Manager, Lloyds Banking Group
Alison McBurney
, Senior Learning Manager, Linklaters


Paul Burns, Knowledge Manager, Standard Life
Dr Dominique Poole-Avery
, Global Knowledge Manager, Arup
Michael Norton,
Digital Community and Knowledge Manager, Knowledge Hub (KHub)

15:15 Afternoon networking break


15:40 KM open peer assist – extended session

  • You will be discussing a KM problem and possible solutions with your peers. Experience the technique first-hand and consider how you could use it back at your workplace
  • How is open peer assist contributing to innovation and client facing KM in the legal sector

Simone Pearlman, Knowledge Management Consultant and Legal Trainer

17:00 Chair's closing comments

17:10 End of day one

DAY 2 - Wednesday 5 June 2019


09:00 Registration and refreshments

09:40 Accelerating and innovating KM implementation

  • Converting data points to data visualisation
  • Case studies: platform fragmentation – lessons learned, operation experience
  • Driving higher engagement with video communication
  • Engaging senior leaders

Tommy Lowe, Knowledge Management Ops Manager, Wealth, Mercer

10:20 Making a success of virtual teams

  • Providing a foundation for building and supporting a virtual team environment
  • Enabling teams to discover content, work better and more collaboratively
  • Establishing a portfolio of approaches
  • Applying change management to breakdown silos and innovate working methods

Paul Corney, Managing Partner, Knowledge et al
Victoria Ward, 
Director, Victoria Ward Limited

11:00 Morning networking break


11:30 CASE STUDY: collaboration in government KM

  • Government departments working together to develop the KM offering
  • Establishing the Ministry of Defence KM programme
  • Incorporating cross-government work into the programme

Margaret Gair, Senior Knowledge & Information Specialist, Ministry of Defence

11:55 CASE STUDY: New building, new collaborative culture?

As the Salvation Army prepares to move its UK HQ to a new (yet to be built) building, how are KM principles and practices influencing thinking and shaping decisions?

  • Trying to change the culture now - KM programme and strategy around collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Embracing smarter working and what that means in terms of: Technology and collaboration tools, office space, behaviour change

Heather Hooper, Knowledge Management Specialist, The Salvation Army

12:20 CASE STUDY: KM communities of practice at Syngenta

  • Introducing the ‘LEAP’ network and communities of practice
  • Innovation and recognition through the ‘TREE’ scheme
  • Implementing Office 365
  • Exploiting the Knowledge Assets Repository

Brian Steenson, Programme lead – LEAP, Syngenta
Grant Hughes, 
Technology and KM Expert, Syngenta

12:45 Extended questions and answers session
Your opportunity to put your questions to our case study speakers on KM standards


Hank Malik, KM Lead, Petroleum Development Oman, and contributing author to ARK’s ‘A Guide to Global Best Practice and Standards in KM’


Dr Dominique Poole-Avery, Global Knowledge Manager, Arup
Margaret Gair, 
Senior Knowledge & Information Specialist, Ministry of Defence
Heather Hooper, 
Knowledge Management Specialist, The Salvation Army

13:05 Networking lunch


14:00 KM Cookbook: how to implement learnings in practice

  • Introducing a ‘brand new kitchen’ for KM
  • Celebrating highlights and KM recipes from the exciting up-coming book ‘The KM Cookbook’
  • Presenting the KM ‘Chef’s Canvas’ – a practical tool for exploring and applying the new KM Standard

Chris Collison, Knowledge Management Consultant, Coach, Trainer and Speaker

14:45 Afternoon networking break


15:15 The rationale behind conversational leadership

  • It is a complex, hyper-connected world
  • It is increasingly volatile, unpredictable, confusing and ambiguous
  • Our old ways of working are failing, we need a new approach
  • Conversational leadership is part of that approach 

David Gurteen, Conversationalist, Gurteen Knowledge

16:00 CROSS-INDUSTRY PANEL DISCUSSION: what can we learn from each other to achieve success?

  • Both streams come together for mutually beneficial learning across industry sectors
  • Harnessing KM as a driver for change: service delivery, performance improvement
  • Establishing technology as a means rather than an objective

Sharon Varney, 
Director, Space for Learning

Alan Boulter, 
Knowledge Management, Schlumberger
Claire Fox, 
Head of Knowledge & Information Services, Kingsley Napley LLP

17:00 Chair closing comments

James Brown, Founder, The Happy Work Place


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